What’s the Plural Form of Computer Mouse? Mice?

It’s Sunday night and I’m sitting on the sofa of my living room weary from a busy weekend with my laptop in front me. Yes, I’m finally doing my very first blog post! I’ve been brainstorming a bit and had an idea of what I wanted to write, but I couldn’t find the right timing to sit down and actually start blogging. Anyway, this article is devoted to Douglas Engelbart and his most famous invention — the mouse.


Out of the three Internet pioneers Engelbart may be my favorite. “The Mother of All Demos” (hypertext!) has interested me for two major reasons: 1) the invention of the mouse and some ubiquitous computer technologies; and 2) his lifelong contribution to the field of computer science. I might not have had the chance to write this article freely without his innovation. It’s the same for online telephony. Maybe we won’t be enjoying communicating on either Skype or Windows Live Messenger or any popular software. Engelbart has received many important awards for his achievements which gave significant impact to all our cyber-life. Other notable pioneers are also continuing to pursue their research and career, but I’m impressed by Engelbart’s vitality at the age of eighty-six.

Now, I’ll move on to what I really want to share with all of you. There are some unusual unique designed mice (ex. the extravagant handcrafted wooden mouse) out there that are just fun to look at.

paradox mouse Unusual Computer Mice You Probably Havent Seen Before

The Steampunk Mouse

Which mouse do you wanna try out? I’d probably pick the “Makeup” mouse or the “Jelly Click” mouse from the list: “Unusual Computer Mice You Probably Haven’t Seen Before”.

I think Engelbart wouldn’t have thought that his invention would transform into such art pieces. However, there’s a possibility that mice may disappear. I found some touch-sensetive tools such as optical mouse rings and the new five-fingered mouse. The recent trend in the market is to make everything more compact (what’s up with the newest generation of iPod nano?). Consequently, these toy-like types of tools may take over the role of Engelbart’s ingenious invention in the near future.



7 thoughts on “What’s the Plural Form of Computer Mouse? Mice?

  1. This is a great first post Marina. You are absolutely right, much of the computer/online experience as we know can be attributed to Engelbart’s pioneering vision.

    I wonder what he thinks about the current state of things (that might be a question we take up in the next section of course).

    As for favorite mouses/mice, I prefer to use a trackball. It seems a bit more precise and my arm becomes less fatigued when I have extended computing sessions.

    I still find the one way to become more productive is to learn the keyboard shortcuts for whatever software I’m using. A lot of time gets wasted pointing, dragging, dropping, and clicking.

    • Thank you. So many things are going on the Internet and without Engelbart’s contribution I’m sure we would’ve had a different age of information.
      I personally use a very boring ELECOM mouse, but I usually don’t do a lot of clicking-business so it should suffice. Although, I’m curious of different art-oriented designs. I’ve known some instructors back in high school who preferred using the trackball. They even had nice cushions in front of their keyboards! I guess trackball is more teacher-friendly than a mouse.
      I agree that learning the shortcuts will save you time and reduce fatigue from controlling your mouse.

  2. In the near future, it could be true that we won’t be using a mouse for our computers. I actually don’t have any for my own laptop!
    I use the touch-panel on my laptop and I find it easier than using a mouse.

    • Touch screen is the trend recently, but I personally like using the keyboard and mouse. Though, I agree that touch sensitive stuff’s convenient when you’re carrying your computer around.

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