Patty Pioneers – Weiner eating a wiener.

Original scanned photo by telehistoriska - CC Licensed via Flickr

Visual Assignment: Patty Pioneers

Simply put, this assignment involves editing a picture of any Computer Pioneer so that it looks like they are eating/about to eat/holding a burger or similar types of fast food.

After this morning’s class I thought I’d do a post on Weiner. I decided it was about time to move on to DS 106 assignments since we are ending the section in one week or so. My first intention was to start off with the easier creative assignments, but technology was intimidating me. It has been quite a while without touching any photo editing software. I have had experiences with Photoshop back in my high school years, because I was one of the yearbook editor. However, I couldn’t suddenly buy Photoshop and I never worked on freewares like GIMP or Inkscape. Both of them were installed in my laptop somehow, though I had no clue how to use them. It took me a few hours to begin the whole assignment, and I had trouble going through the process. I failed a few times, but thanks to the Internet Pioneers — I with helps from tutorial sites I actually got something done!

Whenever I see a dachshund, I always think “a hot dog is walking on the street”. As you know, the name hot dog derives from their long body that looks just like a wiener. I doubt that there are hardly any hot dog stands or shops out there using proper pork and beef mixed wiener sausages. Hot dog is fast food, right? It’s quick and easy to prepare. So I added a hot dog, a bottle of coke, and a plate of french fries in Norbert Wiener’s picture. In the original photo, he is holding a cigar between his fingers.

Norbert Wiener has an unique biography. The story of him being the child prodigy is interesting enough, but what appealed to me was the transformation of his ethics against science and politics. I think he is an almost underrated contributor to the fields of cybernetics, mathematics, and extensive studies he related to them. He has won significant awards and honors. However, I have a feel that people tend to pay attention on the sophisticated form of outcomes the more modern pioneers have produced. Perhaps, his partly Jewish origin had kept him away from further prestige and celebrity. I didn’t know him and thought that the originator of Cybernetics and electonic communications should be noticed by everyone. Also, along with accumulating some facts about Wiener from online readings, I realized that truly intelligent individuals seem to have similar human philosophy. They all work for the establishment of a better human society by applying what they specialize in. As I mentioned before, Wiener is a remarkable personage. His near-rebellious attitude towards the government and questions on the ethics of scientists distinguishes Wiener from the other pioneers we have covered so far.


6 thoughts on “Patty Pioneers – Weiner eating a wiener.

  1. I think this photo is pretty good! I like the coke and fries! You might want to try changing the color of the food next time to make the picture more realistic as well. You can do that easily (in Photoshop CS3 at least) by going to Image > Adjustments > Black and white… > then adjust the levels until you have your image at the color you want it to be and there you go!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I noticed that I haven’t edited the color of the photo after I did everything…I guess the foods will merge into the original image more nicely if they were in black and white!

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