Infograph Project pt.1 – Review.

My group’s topic for the Infograph project is CYBER CRIME. The objective of this project is to analyze and critique the infograph your group chooses. We divided the image into five portions for each of us to review.
I am reviewing January’s section below. Click on the hyperlinks for the full version of the infograph and the original article it was used.

 Before going into the details of January’s report, here’s my insight on the introduction:

“79% of global respondents”?

The factual information in yellow under the heading supposedly indicates a vague survey result. However, it doesn’t show the details of the number of the respondents and countries for the investigation. Unisys Security Index has a clearer summary for the fact. There were more than 10,000 respondents from twelve developed countries according to the report. The infograph alone just doesn’t provide sufficient evidence.

“More than one successful attack per week?”

Where did Unisys get the average of successful cyber attacks? The corresponding article to this information is from Infosecurity magazine online which links back to a  Cybercrime report (sponsered by HP ArcSight). This source gives a much larger number of average successful cyber attacks per week. Thus, the information may be flawed. Though, somehow the remaining piece of information on increased annual security cost appears to be truthful to the report.

The Analysis for January:

“Massive Security Breach” and the “GPS-based mobile application.”

– The source is from the Wired mag’s online article. The article includes direct words from the application service (Trapster) of subject. is well-known, and therefore, I expect the information to be credible enough. Although, it would’ve been better if the source gave extensive details about mobile application problems.

“Moblie Security Breach”

Venturebeat seems to one of the top blog sites along with GigaOM, which we retrieved the infographic from. The article refers back to IBM’s actual official report results that anyone can see and even has a video embedded. I assume that the source is reliable.


2 thoughts on “Infograph Project pt.1 – Review.

  1. I appreciated the level of detail and effort you put in to your analysis. Several of these link have been added to the Everywhere Malware Scoop It channel for our upcoming Fear and Loathing Online section.

    It does seem to me that as a computer security company, Unisys has an interest in drumming up fear on the issue. It’s hard to tell just what the facts are. You did a good job at pointing out some of the shortcomings in the portion of the Infograph you looked at.

    • Hi. It was a nice timing for my group to choose Cyber crime for the Infograph project, because it connects to our next section.
      I looked at the Scoop it channel you gave the link to. “Cyber Security, Cyber Crimes, Cyber Terrorism”…I can see there are a lot of successful attacks on enterprises and it never hurts to be aware of your security status. Yet, I agree with you that companies like Unisys are playing with our fears.

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