An Album Cover: Like a Moon on the Tides / Sydney Weekender

Visual Assignments: An Album Cover
 So here’s something fun for everyone to do, should be quick and easy, but try to make it pretty. First, go here: The title of the article is now the name of your band. Next, go here: Go to the bottom of the page. The last four to five words of the last quote are the title of your first album Lastly, go here: Select the 3rd image. It is the picture for your album cover. Manipulate the picture, resize it, add some other color, whatever. Do the same with the band name and album title, put them over top. However you wanna do it. Make it look cool.
 There are more than forty people who have completed this album cover assignment. That’s a lot of participants and I thought I should be one of the bunch. One trivial memory from the creative process is that I had to reload quite a few times to find an image under the right license. All these impressive photos appeared, but sadly they said “All rights reserved”. The photo I finally found then was the base image for the album cover. Assuming from the photo title, the scenery happens to be somewhere in Paris, France. Despite the artist’s name “Sydney” weekender, the background image is of another continent.
 I tried using GIMP this time and failed to create a proper cover art I initially intended to make. During my first try, I messed up the original picture so I had to restart from downloading the image again from Flickr. Then, I resorted to Pixlr which probably didn’t eat up my computer’s memory. I was slightly mad at myself after realizing while working on this article that I spelled the word “Sydney” wrong (Syndey? What?). Of course, I went back to Pixlr and it was fixed. There’s not many photo manipulations done to the base image. Instead I played around with the fonts. I noticed for the first time that Pixlr lets you use the fonts you already have in your computer. The fonts used in the cover art are free, by the way.

4 thoughts on “An Album Cover: Like a Moon on the Tides / Sydney Weekender

    • Thanks! After I wrote the commentary for this assignment I found out that Palais-Royal (the place in the photo…you can’t really tell) is a famous landmark in Paris. It’s near the Louvre. I’m not familiar with architecture, but the site seems to be a nice touring spot.

  1. I like what you came up with here. Hats off to you for sticking with it and working through the difficulties.

    I wish the Flickr random search would come up with just CC licensed stuff. Many folks used the All Rights Reserved images. I read in one of your classmate’s comments that he actually contacted the photographer by email and got permission to use the photo. It never hurts to ask.

    • Thank you. Yes. There are so many great images up on Flickr and the problem is the license. Sometimes I’d consider contacting the owner of the image, but thinking about the time to go through all the process of messaging back and forth…it seemed to me that it was just easier to find CC licensed works, at least for this one.

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