I Never Use LOLs.

LulzSec Hackers Arrested

White, gray, or black? What is the color of their hat? I started off with finding the definition of the term “hacker” before searching on LulzSec (Lulz Security). The group was stuck in my head for a while after learning about them in class, because of that Pringles mascot-like logo. From what I found, the word “hacker” seemed to be a generalized term in the media.

We often identify them as something negative, while in reality, there’s a distinction between the ones who actual do harm and the ones who don’t. It happens to be that LulzSec is often referred to as gray hat hackers. Gray is an intermediate color that’s neither black or white, and gray hat hackers like LulzSec do act illegally, though in more of a cooperative way to point out security vulnerability.hats

The article I chose to present “Authorities: Hackers Busted When 1 Turns Informant”  informs the LulzSec members’ arrest. These five suspects on two different continents were arrested by the assistance of the LulzSec former leader known as Sabu. He has been an FBI informant since he was captured earlier in June. Scrolling down another related article some angry anonymous are commenting on the twenty-eight-year-old unemployed legendary hacker as a backstabber.

He surely did betray his comrades of LulzSec and Anonymous (another hacktivist community that has recently been involved with SOPA issue). However, there is always no guarantee that all the information you give into the Internet is safe. Also, you can never trust a stranger online no matter how well you get to know the person. Besides, the fact that what the hackers (or crackers) do is ultimately harassing somebody else does seem to be a reason for the Feds to put an end to them. I guess the lesson here is that you should “trust no one”.

Image: hats : p by slimmer_jimmerCC Licensed via Flickr


3 thoughts on “I Never Use LOLs.

  1. I’m sorry I’m confused.

    The blogpost says you posted this on March 4 but Google Reader tells me it just came through an hour ago on March 13. And then you say “The article I chose to present…” which makes it seem as though you did your presentation, which was scheduled for yesterday, March 12. But if my memory serves, you weren’t there to give your presentation.

    Perhaps you can help me make sense of all of this.

    • I’m not sure if I should reply here, since I did explain about this article’s publishing date during the conference. But I’ll briefly summarize the story anyway, just in case. The post itself was “created” earlier and was recylced as a new article that was published later. Part of the written portionand the article title was also preserved, because it originally was a LulzSec-related article, afterall. Sorry for the confusion.

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