18 Makes 1.

Video Assignments: 1 Second Video

The description for this assignment asked: “How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video?” and left a link to an inspirational sixty seconds film. I first had no idea what to do, but the super-short film sort of explained it all how to start mine.

Generally, I think, the interpretation of an assignment objective is up to the creator. DS 106 is about being creative and experimenting, after all. Therefore, I decided to do a collection of one second videos. My video consists of bits and bits of moments that tells a story.

There is nothing special about the process of the work for this assignment. It’s simply taking videos, putting them in order using a video edit application, and adding music in the background. The process was easy after I figured out how to do it, but the application was last opened in 2008…so that meant there would be a technological confusion in my way.

I was mildly amazed when I uploaded my first video ever (congrats to me) on YouTube. YouTube lets you edit your video after uploading it just like other image files. It offered trimming, altering effects, and free audio to have some music playing in the background. I only chose to add an effect and stuck with what I had. One problem I found disappointing was the resolution. I didn’t expect the camera to be that bad.

Publicizing your work takes a bit of courage. I set the video to be available to the everyone, but posing a real-life visual content gave me an unexplainable sensation. I felt quirky, I guess, to display a work that is more closer with the creator in means of reproducing live moments.


I hope nothing happens to me with copyright issues…the music I used in the background is the intro of Rasen by the band lynch.

One thought on “18 Makes 1.

  1. You did a splendid job here. YouTube has certainly come a long way with the tools they offer uploaders for editing and modifying videos.

    I like the idea of putting multiple 1 sec clips together, as you’ve done here, than just showing a single 1 second clip. The one you’ve produced does seem to tell a story and is interesting to watch. And because it is so short, I don’t think you’ll have any take down notices sent to YouTube from lynch’s record label.

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