Ghost Opera.

FanFic Assignment: FacFic Picture

This is a fanfiction assignment which you “take the name or title of your favorite band, song, movie, or tv show and display it in the form of photography”. The image you create needs to somehow capture your theme.

My all-time favorite band is Kamelot when they were with their former singer Roy Khan. Many of my favorite bands come from either the ’70 or the ’80s like Rainbow (with Dio or Graham Bonnet,), Show-Ya, and Iron Maiden. Anyway, Kamelot is an awesome power metal band I recommend to people. Their music is theatrical and not too loud for non-heavy metal listeners.

I chose the title track from the Ghost Opera album (released in 2007) for this assignment. To fully understand what is happening in the picture, you would want to watch the video for the song. Check the lyrics as well, to get the feel of it.

As I imagined, the creative process demanded working with paths and cutting. Everything was done using Gimp. Through the process, I came up with a bit of new ideas that altered my initial intentions such as adding a glow of light, filtering the background with a newspaper-ish effect, and so on.

I have a fond memory of Ghost Opera from back when I was in high school. I knew the band existed, but I didn’t really discover them until I actually listen to the song “Ghost Opera”. The album was also the very first Kamelot records I bought. Soon after the purchase, I had to listen to them more. Another thing that I remember about it is that me and my ex got to know each other by me lending the album to him. Isn’t it kind of peculiar that a heavy metal record can draw people together?


2 thoughts on “Ghost Opera.

    • I think you won’t run into many metalheads in Japan, but yes, they are hiding away like me. And Kamelot is an awesome power metal band…from America!

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