Our Ignorance about Copyright Infringement

“With its library of millions of video clips and simple embedding tools, it is easier than ever to display video on your site or blog, including videos that might be infringing.”

Copyright Risks in Embedding YouTube Clips

(& Copyright and the Internet)

There has always been something going on with the copyright issue. It is indeed a complicated matter which can involve minor unnoticeable stealing or obviously undisguised infringement. Me and the other participants who sat in the Copy Rights and Wrongs discussion had to frown upon the YouTube embedding problem explained in the article. We noticed that we might be doing some copyright infringement without noticing.

I figure that I didn’t embed any illegal videos, because I only provided links to all the videos I wanted to include in my blog posts. Although, I probably have done something “wrong” when creating one of my DS 106 assignments…oh well, don’t sue me lynch.!

So what is the big deal about copyright infringement? It is important to each rightholders who have to take care of their intellectual property. We too, are rightholders who upload our creations online and are being protected by the law. The article’s topic specifically evolves around the risks in embedding YouTube videos, but the more serious matter is the possible copyright infringement we commit by our ignorance.

Innocence nor ignorance can be forgiven. The rightholders out there are forgivable at large, however, the possibility of awful lawsuits need to be remembered. Consider Disney, who continuously sparks numerous lawsuits. They sue and they are also sued by artists and producers who claim that their works have been illegally used without permission. I guess their business method isn’t praiseful. Yet, I also think their response is logical.

Blogging has allowed us to be self-published and social-networking websites have let us “share” information, but were we educated with the basic manners we need online? A place so wild like the Internet is like a paradise of copyright infringements. It’s a never-ending story if you think of the innumerable Internet users and the massive amount of information there is. Thus, the danger of yourself getting indicted seems low. Even so, one should keep in mind that it’s never too late to start being aware of it. Begin by checking if you have embedded an illegal YouTube clip.


2 thoughts on “Our Ignorance about Copyright Infringement

  1. You’ve taken a confusing and complicated issue and presented in a clear and informative manners. Thanks for helping me to make better sense of the issues involved.

    I particularly enjoyed reading about the amusement park in China which seems to be infringing on the Disney copyright. Ultimately I don’t see how they can prevail. But for some reason I wish them well. The idea of an imitation Disney park is very appealing to me.

    • We tend to be ignorant or unclear about this kind of issue. It’s always there, but you never really figure it out. Copyright infringement is one of them. Good to know my blog post seems to be helpful for clarifying the issues related to it.
      The amusement park has transformed into a lonesome farming area now. I believe the place is going to waste…

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