Surreal and Kind of Cute.

Visual Assignment: Fat Cats make Art Better

 Using this site: as a platform for ideas, and using Photoshop (or something like it) as your tool, place a fat cat into a photo of a classic art piece. The goal is to make it convincing: make the art become on with the cat.

 Unbelievably, I haven’t written any DS106 blog post for this section. After submitting reports and essays for other classes, I sort of went into short hibernation. Although, I have been thinking about this and that in my head starting from Neuromancer to Web 2.0 and the future of cyberspace. Was I slacking off? Kind of. Well, today I decided to be part of the Fat Cat craze and share my piece.

 I don’t reckon people know that I was an AP Art student back in my high school years. The art teacher I had constantly insisted that I should be a visual art critic, and I was and I am still interested in art history and philosophy. Yet, I chose to pursue another field of art, and thus, going through a bit of a rough ride I ended up being here in Temple. As I’m writing this I feel like I need to listen to the ballad “Dream On”. And speaking of dreams, the classical art piece I used for the assignment is one of the notable works of the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, who portrays dream images and landscapes. I’m talking about a different definition of dream, but anyway, the title of the piece is “The Persistence of Memory”.

 This is my first attempt at creating an image using Pixlr which Scott recommended in the CIS blog on Monday. The online photo editor is quite easy to maneuver. I used GIMP to manipulate images for The Pioneer section and it took me time to figure things out. So Pixlr is a nice discovery. Thanks for recommending it Scott.

To tell the truth, there is not much to comment on the process. My initial idea was to place a cat in some wintry ukiyo-e, but I was unsuccessful in finding any that are usable. I abandoned the idea and turned towards western art. Dali was an easier piece to work on, because of the surreal nature it had. Placing a ginormous cat in the scenery would look just fine. Personally, I think at least half of the burden was on researching images for the process.

I love cats (or most smaller mammals) and lived near them all my life, despite the allergy I supposedly have. If you got interested, try this assignment and join the Fat Cat craze!


The Anguish.

Visual Assignment: Make The Untranslatable Understood

Use the Random Words with No English Translation tool ( to generate a word that could be better understood with a photo or image. Find a creative commons image or make your own, and include the word somehow in the image (using a desktop photo editor or web tool like Aviary or PicNIk). Then share it with someone and ask if it makes sense.

anguished soul :p by kelsey_lovefusionphoto – CC Licensed via Flickr



This is my third DS106 assignment for the section. The image looks quite plain without any extra captions and effects, but I wanted it that way. I hope people can kind of guess what the word “toska” means by just looking at the image.

Toska – “At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning”

Before I restarted the assignment, I already had another image half done waiting in my CIS folder. That was suppose to be used, but I suddenly felt the desire to manipulate another photo instead for this assignment. It’s obvious that I haven’t spent too much time on this piece compared to the other posts I’ve done. I thought a messy complicated composition wouldn’t fit the picture, and therefore, the image was kept simple. The process was just about doing the glowing effects around the text to give a cold, but burning impression.

Everybody has the moments of anguish at certain times of their life. I often feel restless inside without a clear answer to why I feel like it. Sometimes you can’t really find the specific reason for feeling so disturbed. Even so, I think there are external and internal causes for feeling “toska”. We all live under pressure; the good and bad stress come into us at once. I imagine, that the same spiritual anguish must be lurking in the depths of every soul.

By the way, I fixed the tagline for this blog. I misspelled the word “newbie” incorrectly…!