Daily Create 01

My Daily Creates from February 5-11th:

Dotty Dot Fever.

TDC #26 – “Take a picture of your feet that shows what kind of day your having.”

I don’t remember why I started wearing slippers indoors, but it must’ve been my mother who inspired me to do so. She loves to throw in pairs of slippers in the extra margin of the packages she sends along with coffee, rice, and frozen foods. I happened to wear some dot patterned socks and slippers the moment I was taking the picture. Midterm is coming up very soon and I feel slightly dotty already after a few weeks of school…

I Like the Older Nano.

TDC #27 – “Take a picture that represents or expresses something loud.”
Attention: I’m not a Hate Crew, although I do listen to Bodom sometimes.

The iPod nano on the screen in my picture is from Scott’s daily create blog post. I saw the post and it brought back my dislike of the newer nano I own. My goodness, the device is really small! When I was purchasing the newer cubic nano after breaking my older one, it was hard to decide whether I should try something else. However, as seen in the picture, I bought the squarish and sleek red nano that looks almost like a shuffle instead. At first, I felt that portable mp3 players needed to be small until I found my nano being disobedient in the rehearsing studio. I also thought many products out in the market including electronic devices are minimization.

Spider-Man Frog

TDC #29 – “Make a photo of something upside down that is never seen that way.”

This Spider-Man frog is a wooden figure that can sit by itself. In the picture, it stands on its head by the support of Vaseline. The frog was a gift from the owner of a local hair salon I know for a long time back in my hometown. She is a collecting mania (I think) who collects frog-related goods and goldfishes. There are several tanks of goldfishes in her salon and her house. It’s horrifying just to think of maintaining everything. For the frog, the customers have been picking up some of them so the number is continuing to decrease. I should ask where she got the frogs when I’m back home next time.

I think my this Daily Create was a timely picture, because roudhouseslap did a nice Kiss of the Spider-Man piece.

TDC30 - It Looks Cleaner Than it Usually is.

TDC #30 – “Share an image of a place that you lose things in your house.”
My B4-sized leather handbag is something I always have with me. It’s also a place I lose whatever I toss in everyday. I know I have a bad habit of forgetting where I put my belongings, and always wonder why I find them in the strangest places (e.g. my pair of glasses in the washing machine, my cellphone in the fridge, etc.). Well, I couldn’t find the lime green Minnie Mouse mirror the very morning the day I took this picture. Did I find the mirror? Yes. It was laying on the shoebox at my door.

It was my first time to upload a picture to Flickr from my cellphone. The resolution is of the picture is not what I expected to have. I guess my cellphone isn’t the best camera I should depend on to do this set assignments.

Music 'n Sugar.

TDC #31 – “Create a photograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life.”

I’m nearly a chocoholic and I have a big sweet tooth. Right now it’s February, a cruel month. It could also be an enjoyable month for two major reasons, at least for me; 1.) it’s my birth month and 2.) St. Valentine’s Day (free treats!). The objects piling up in the middle of the photo are chocolate cookies and biscuits. These sweets are on top of Decibel magazines, which I consider as a decent heavy metal magazine then any others I’ve read in the past. One unique thing is that the page I opened had an article titled “Tweet Pain” under the Brewtal Truth which responded to the readers’ tweets on liquor. Funny. Perhaps, I should tweet to the author of the article too.


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