Daily Create 02

My Daily Creates from February 12-18

The Grip.

TDC #34 – “Take a photo that emphasizes the detail of a human hand.”

You might wonder what my left hand is representing. As the title suggests, I’m gripping something. I’m gripping an imaginary violin neck.

I used to play the violin before I went up to high school and got occupied with studying and miscellaneous matters. My first aim for this assignment was to take a picture of both my hands, but I realized that I have to have someone else help me to do so. If I had successfully taken a photo of both my hands, you can see that they are quite different in length. The left hand is longer than the right, because of violin training I began at a young age. Check your hands if you remember about this post. We’re all unequal in some way.

TDC #36 – “Take a photo of a food being served or eaten in an unconventional way.”

Miso Soup in the Nabe.

Ugh. The kitchen is an awful mess these days, since I’m occupied with school work everyday. So don’t look at the photo too close! What’s wrong with this photo is that you’re NOT suppose to eat directly from the cooking pot! I do it once in a while when I’m super busy or exhausted…

The soup boom has no end. It’s winter, it’s cold, and what you need is a nice bowl of soup. Preferably, a traditional menu will suffice for such weather. I’m trying to cook more soup menus from the book of soup collection.

Play with me! He says.

TDC #37 – “Take a photograph of a toy in action.”

WHAT? Isn’t this photo a failure? People wouldn’t understand what is going on without this caption. The photo captures the moment of golf balls flying in the tatami room. I couldn’t find any toys around the house except for the Spider-Man frog. Though, I thought for a while and the result was this photo. My two year-old nephew is not with me so he isn’t in the picture, but he is a wild child who makes golf balls his toy. The golf balls are his toys he left in my house. He will toss them on the floor, on the wall, or even throw them at you. My nephew is definitely my brother’s kid.

TDC37 (pt.2) - Play with me! He says.

Peeerfect Timing.

TDC #38 – “Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel.”

Today’s Daily Create came at the perfect timing. It’s my birthday and all the birthday gifts I received from my friends and family represent the feeling of getting older. I also considered of taking a photo of my skin (grose?). Your skin is the barometer of health and it shows your age, you know.

The gifts in the photo are not the only things I got. People often give me chocolate treats, because the Valentine’s is near my birthday. Last year, I got a heart-shaped box of Bailey’s chocolate from my good friend, Karin. She sent me a bar of Milka which I shared with Eri today. Eri gave me the Weleda bath milk set in the middle of the picture. Thank you Eri-chan!

Nancy's Birdie.

TDC #39 – “Take a photo of a bird today.”

It’s friday and my cranky brain was down. I fell asleep at 2 something AM and crawled out of my futon two and a half hours later. This is ridiculous. What’s more upsetting is that my glasses went missing after a dreamy prowl around the house. I still can’t find them as I write this commentary. I began with the episode above is because I was unconsciously checking out today’s Daily Create when it happened. Checking the Daily Create is almost becoming my daily morning routine lately. Today’s Daily Create would’ve been harder if the description said to take a photo of an ALIVE bird. I thought Tokyo is a big nest for crows, but I never really see them anywhere. Actually, I don’t see any birds toddle about the streets. If I was back in my hometown, I could’ve taken wild birds in our garden (not to mention the vicious crows and flightless chubby pigeons). The plump red bird in the photo looks like one of those pigeons I see downtown. It’s from a pocket notebook I bought in a antique-themed cafe called Nancy. I’m assuming that the notebook is an imported Scandinavian good.

Oh, no...not two of them!

TDC #40 – “Take a photo of someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours.”

As you know or may not know, I like horror flicks. The guy in the picture is one of my favorite characters, Leatherface, from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. I sought to duplicate Leatherface by using a mirror’s reflection of the original image. I also edited the color after the photo was taken.


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