Final Exam Practical Activity

 Should the course CIS0835 continue next semester or be terminated?

 To be continued, or not to be continued, that is the question.

We are citizens of the Information Age and the importance of technology is always seen in our daily lives. The speed of scientific and technological advancement is rapid and inescapable. So are the changes desired in higher education. As long as we are hoping the students to become a well-educated member in the technology-oriented society, the school must provide the opportunities for them to be involved in the digital space.


speed by moog via Flickr (CC licensed)

The Cyberspace and Society course CIS0835 has been part of the general education and there is a reason for it to exist along with the other courses. CIS0835 nurtures students the ability to be an individual who can integrate their creative minds which impact the society. Students also appreciate and  develop understanding of the technologies behind the medium they using, and they will use the knowledge to make societal and ethical connections with technology.

CIS0835 has the mission to build a portion of the foundation for the students who are going to face the future world. Therefore, the course should be continued.


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