Iconic You. Iconic Me.

Design Assignment: Iconic You

The objective of this assignment is to “create an iconic image/design for your own site that somehow represents you”.

More than half of the semester has ended and the schedule we’re managing is like a roller coaster. Yet, I still had not put out anything particular about my blog title or my name, mhacca. This design assignment has not much relevance to what I was just wondering, but I would like to note on that too in the article.

My title of the blog you are looking at right now is called “neopessimist23”. I took it from a song title by the band Moi dix Mois. The number “23” at the end comes from the Japanese era. Year 2012 equals to Heisei year 23 in Japan. In a image like this, maybe the blog title was better off placed to the side instead of how it was finished design-wise. I guess it works fine this way because you wouldn’t want to tilt you head sideways to look at it…

I personally love the fancy design of the number.

The process of the assignment was done on GIMP and Pixler. I find it easier to use GIMP for cutting out pictures as I want it to be. There were some experiments done with effects as seen below. I played around with colors, dots, and lighting.

  Now, I’ll explain the imagery. The oval white object on top of the vase is an egg. It represents myself as being a newbie. I hope I’ve become a semi-newbie or someone more experienced at the technology we’re all manipulating. Next is the flower sitting upon the egg. I put the rose there to show my (past) identity as being called the “flower girl” back in secondary school. We keep a garden full of trees and flowers in front of our porch back at home.

Speaking of plants, my name “mhacca” refers to peppermint (hacca) in Japanese. My mother’s hometown used to be one of the world’s busiest peppermint growing area.